Friday, February 5, 2010

Ok... I have been slacking a bit on reporting in. Things are going well. I think it's really good for Vinnie to have the two classes both going on. He actually seems to do better in Melinda's class on Wednesday nights. He is more focused. Although, I can't blame him for not doing as well on Thursday nights. Logan and Dee Dee are both there and I guess he and Logan are having a "Bro-mance". I think the Dee Dee thing is just plain lust - she's a hot ticket, but rumor has it she has been through quite a few guys (aka - trampy!!). I am afraid Vinnie is going to get his heart broken! LOL.

Both classes have been essentially working on the same thing, just in different ways. Handler focus/attention, recalls, some heeling (that he really seems to enjoy!) and stays. His attention is getting MUCH better and believe it or not, we have been doing recalls in Michele's class and has not had any "zoomies". He does usually wear his gentle leader in Michele's class and I think it makes a huge difference in his attitude. He will not tug very well with it on, but he is working VERY well while wearing it. While he is distractable, he is improving so much and I am very proud of the little punk!

I took this shot last weekend (after grooming him, of course!). Lisa (at work) thought he looked like a wood tick (little head and big fluffy body) and she was right. I put him in a "Sporting Clip" so his body is only 3/4 of an inch long. His legs/shoulders/hips are still long and blend into his torso - I love this shot - it's my new favorite and my new background on my monitor:


  1. Dee has worked her way through both Jamie and Phoenix, although the Dee/Phoenix romance can re-ignite with a single glance. She likes variety in her men (big and furry, skinny and wild) so she'd probably like to see what Vinnie brings to the party. I don't think she's ever dated anyone in a hot sporting clip before.

  2. Vinnie is still one HOT ITEM!! He does need to be leary of loose women with FUR!! He'll only get his heart broken when the next 'guy' comes along. Best still with Logan! G

  3. Imagine that - Vinnie getting groomed. When is Vinnie NOT groomed? That's why he's such a hot ticket in class I would assume. I'm sure he will be breaking many hearts along the way. Good for you for doing 2 classes at once.